Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is arguably one of the most important women in medical history. Along with making the British army field hospitals a safe and cleaner place to be she is also responsible for the foundations of the nursing training in this country. Now you can have this inspirational lady visit your students.

Our actor in role will arrive in your classroom having taken a wrong turn down one of the corridors of her school for nurses. She will be in full costume and have a replica of the famous lamp and is ready to tell Florenceā€™s story from her perspective or answer any questions your children might have prepared or think up while listening to her. For the purpose of being thoroughly researched Florence will be set at the age of 40, by this time she has completed her war work, has meet Queen Victoria and has just opened the first school for nurses and also had begun work on her books. The session will cover all of her life (to the age of 40) including her home education, relationships and training and war work amongst other things

The session lasts one hour and can take place on the carpeted area of your classroom or in your school library. This session can accommodate up to 30 children at a time. The class teacher or suitable adult must be in attendance through out the session as they may be required to facilitate.

If you have any questions or ideas on how to use this session, or would like to make a booking please contact us.