The Plays

We’ve worked hard to make sure you can see all the pieces you want to in one day, but it’ll be jam packed! Or as the £15 tickets (or £7.50 if you live in SR1 or SR2 areas – proof of address needed) are a weekend pass you could come back on the second day and see things in a more casual manner, maybe try one of the free workshops, have a look at the craft stalls. Or you might just want to see one or two of the pieces on the pick and mix tickets.

The workshops are as follows

Saturday 11.10 Spoken word workshop (16 +) in the vestry, 12.15 – fairytale Haiku (suitable for all ages) in the Library

Sunday 12 – fairytale Haiku (suitable for all ages) in the Library  and 1.40 Spoken word  (16 +) in the Library

Either way here’s how the days will run

11.05 in the Library –  Lesson 1 by Louise Taylor

It’s Lizzie’s first day at school – but what good is schooling to a girl like her? And can Miss persuade her to come back again tomorrow?

11.20 in the chapel – The End by D G Foster

William Grey was a great Priest with a secret blemish on his outstanding record. One day he met a man who knew it… The End is a short play raising the question of just how much influence on life can one person truly have

11.45 in the White Room – Latitude by Helen Bowie

Laura’s life is a mess.  Boyfriend Paul knows she needs help.  But why is Laura so reluctant to face the truth?  And what will happen when she does?

12.00 in the Church – Reading Minds Is Overrated by James Whitman

Sophie Reid is a teenage telepath, and she isn’t happy about it. For starters, she’ll be locked up if anyone finds out what she can do. And then there’s Sophie’s best friend, Amy, and her sicko boyfriend, Liam. In the comics, they love to bang on about ‘great power’ and ‘great responsibility’. In Sophie’s case, with great power comes a great big pain in the backside.

12.25 in the Vestry – The Ettericks by Mary Pickin

The Ettricks marriage is a drama about an unhappy 18th Century marriage in Sunderland, presented in the form of a bare knuckle fight with custard pies

12.45 in the White Room – Critical by Helen Bowie

All Ali wanted to do was look at the paintings, but one reviewer seems determined to begin a conversation.  Why is he so intent on talking to her?  And more importantly, how does he know so much about her?

1.00 in the Church – Hero of Camperdown by David Farn

The plaque in the church entrance names Sunderland lad Jack Crawford as the Hero of the Battle of Camperdown. But Admiral Duncan has other ideas. Unfortunately, so do the rest of the cast! Cutting edge comedy

1.20 in the Library – Lesson 2 by Louise Taylor

It’s Elise’s first ever ghost hunt – but is it really a spook that she’s searching for? And can Miss help her find what she needs?

1.40 in the Church – 2019 by Chrissie Petrie

2019 – The church is 300 years old but these are hardly times for celebrations.  This is a futuristic short play set in the year 2019, five years after Underground Coal Gasification arrives in the North East.

2.00 in the Vestry – Smalltown Boy by Helen Bowie

In 1980’s Sunderland, Simon is starting over.  New town.  New church.  New congregation.  Will they like him?  Will he be any good?  And what will happen when they find out about Michael?

2.35 in the Church – The boy, the dog and the calf by Chrissie Petrie

A new tale in the traditional styling of a Storybook International classic.  This morality story was inspired by a visit to the church and an afternoon walk with a seven year old whippet named Arty.

2.45 in the Chapel – Mrs Letsky by David Farn

It is 1939, and we are on the eve of another World War as this Hendon woman recounts a tragedy
from the first conflict.

2.50 in the Library – Lesson 3 by Louise Taylor

It’s Beth’s first day at work – but is she ready to be in the spotlight? And can Miss show her how to shine?

3.05 in the Chapel – Do Your Vurst by David Farn

It is 1914, and the presence of Aliens in Sunderland – Germans, that is – leads to public disorder in the town. Comedy based on real events.

3.20 in the Church – Full Circle by Chrissie Petrie

A short collection of poetry about life, love and death

3.35 in the Church – On Holy Ground By Chris Wilkins

Two men meet in a church. Both of them believe they are Jesus – one a pious saviour, the other a street messiah. They can’t both be the Son of God so they must sort it out themselves, maybe with words or perhaps with violence, using whatever comes to hand.

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