The Romans | Theatre Space North East
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The Romans

The Ancient Romans had a fascinating and complicated culture with many of their inventions and systems still in use today. There is so much for your class to learn, so where do you start. Whether you are just starting the topic, half way through or even looking for a way to finish it off this full day workshop is a creative way to do it.

During the course of one day we will work with your class to look at the Romans creation story, Gods, Daily life, and warfare. Each topic will include a short discussion followed by practical work using a variety of different dramatic techniques to help your class or group explore the themes and their ideas. These sections of practical work then fit into a scripted performance which can be shown to another class or parents at the end of the day, complete with some basic costume, props and music.

This is an intensive one day work shop (for example from 9.10am until 3pm) for up to 30 children and will require the use of the school hall for the duration of the day, excluding the lunch brake. The class teacher and or other suitable adults will need to be present through out the day to help in the organisation of the group through out the workshop.

If you have any questions or ideas about the way this workshop works or would like to make a booking please contact us.