The W.I. Woman

During the Second World War the ladies of the Woman’s Institute played a vital role in the safe evacuation of the children from the cities. They were responsible helping to organize, comfort and re-home the children forced to leave their families and homes behind. Now we can provide an actor in role as a W.I. woman to give your class or group a feeling of not only leaving everything behind but also of the toys, games and songs of the period as well as providing an opportunity to ask questions after the session has finished.

Our actor will greet your class in your classroom and explain the session before taking on the role of W.I. woman and putting your children into role as evacuees. Then she will take them to your hall where they will be given toy’s and games to play, period actuate food to try and songs to learn. At the end of the session we will bring the children back to the present day when they will be able to ask questions about the experience they have taken part in.

This session can last for one or two hours and will require the use of your class room briefly followed by the majority of the session needing a full hall space. This session can accommodate up to 30 children at a time. The class teacher or suitable adult must be in attendance through out the session as they may be required to facilitate.

If you have any questions or ideas on how to use this session, or would like to make a booking please contact us.