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Let's turn your classroom into a theatre space.

We’re firm believers in the power of creative education. We have decades of experience delivering theatre, arts and culture activity in schools, colleges and universities right across the UK, from actors in role providing a fascinating and tangible historical experience to confidence building workshops and exam prep. 

An education offer for all groups, budgets and abilities.

Education programme 2021/2022

Take me back to...

  • About
  • Ancient Greece KS2
  • Ancient Egypt KS1 or KS2
  • Ancient Rome KS2
  • The Stone Age: KS1
  • The Tudors KS1 or KS2
  • The Vikings KS1 or KS2
  • Great Fire of London KS1or KS2
  • The Mayans

Our ‘take me back to’ workshops come in a variety of styles and for a range of budgets. For each topic there is a full day, half day, full day with craft or a craft only version.

The full day workshop incorporate learning and practical creative activities in the morning, with the afternoon spent turning the mornings work into a performance at the end of the day – you might want to share this with another class, the school or even invite in the parents.

The half day covers what you would do in the morning of the full day. The full day with craft takes the morning and ties it into an afternoon of arts and crafts, creating something worthy of display on your classroom walls. Or if you want you can simply take a craft workshop as a standalone.  I guess what we’re saying is what ever works for you, works for us. Have a look at each topic to see what’s covered and what options you have. 

Full day: Greek Creation Story and Gods, Olympics, Slavery, Theatre

Half Day: any 3 of the following: Greek creation and Gods, Olympics, Slavery, Theatre, Heroes, Monsters, Democracy

Craft: Ancient Greek Pottery – scratch art pots or 3D air dry clay pottery or Weaving on a straight loom.

Full day or Half day: Egyptian Creation story and gods, mummification, lives of the rich and poor.

Craft: Hieroglyphic panels or Art Dry Clay tomb artefacts


Full or Half Day: Creation story and Gods, Life in the city of Rome, pass times and childhood.

Craft – design and create a mosaic tile.


Half Day only: Paleolithic Period, Mesolithic Period, and Neolithic Period

Full Day: The battle of Bosworth Field (weaponry and warfare) Henry 8th and his Wives, the Spanish Armada, Shakespeare and the Theatre

Half day: any three of the battle of Bosworth Field (weaponry and warfare) Henry 8th and his Wives, the Spanish Armada, Shakespeare and the Theatre

Craft: Tudor rose sun catchers.

Full or half day – the creation story and the gods, Trades and daily life, Long Boat building

Craft: model long boat construction

Half day only: Housing and buildings, The fire – how it built and how they fought it, the people – good and bad.

Craft:  3D model house building,

Full or Half Day – The creation story and Gods, Mayan Architecture and cities, Everyday life

Craft: woven Mayan charms combination of scratch art panel and circular weaving

Introduce me to...

  • About
  • Florence Nightingale
  • WVS Lady
  • Goldilocks
  • Little Red
  • Rapunzel

Our ‘introduce me back to’ workshops feature an actor in role as a historical or fictional character, who, through a mixture of performance and facilitation will teach young people all about their life, customs and the important lessons they have to share.

With innovative, interactive storytelling, plenty of jokes and a good helping of magic, your class will be transported directly into the heart of the character's story, helping them overcome problems and solve some common life conundrums. 

This workshop covers a variety of topics, from history to mental health. 

Welcome our actor in role as Florence Nightingale into your classroom. She comes in full costume, complete with lamp and ready to answer your student’s questions about her life, work and beliefs from the day she was born until her return from the field hospital in Scutari. Suitable for KS1 and KS2

Our actor in role will take your students through an ‘evacuation’ procedure and then share wartime food and sweet, songs and games with them to give them a sense of what childhood was like during world war II. Suitable for KS2

Goldilocks is on the run! Straight from the three bears house to your classroom. Our actor in role will tell her story to your students, in an interactive way, teaching the importance of following instructions, telling the truth, and sharing. Suitable for KS1

Little Red has had a strange day, she’s got lost in the woods, been chased by a wolf and then Grandma was behaving very oddly. Our actor in role will use Little Red’s story to explore stranger danger, following the rules and the idea that everyone deserves a second chance. Suitable for KS1

Rapunzel has been locked down in her tower for what feels like for ever, and now she is out she doesn’t know how to explain what she’s feeling. Our actor in role well use her story to help your students communicate their feelings, explore ways to keep in touch and look after their mental health. Suitable for KS1 and KS2