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What's On -
A Pain in the Arts

by Theatre Space North East

Upcoming Shows

Touring 14th-22nd Sept 2024

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SAT 14 SEPT Boldon Community Association, Boldon Colliery, NE35 9DS- 3pm    (booking  open soon)

SUN 15 SEPT Iona Club, Station Road, Hebburn, NE31 1PN - 3pm   (booking open soon)

SAT 21 SEPT Ocean Road Community Association, SOuth Sields, NE33 2DW - 2pm   (booking open soon)

SUN 22 SEPT Jarrow Focus, Jarrow, NE32 3QN - 3pm   (booking open soon)

A Pain in the Arts
by Theatre Space North East

Tickets and booking

"Kati-D" is 23 and has always been the life of the party...until recently.

A born entertainer with the voice of an angel (according to her gran) she makes money running Open Mic Nights at the locals but has aspirations of bigger things. That is, until a recent diagnosis unexpectedly throws everything she has set out for herself into doubt, as a chronic condition begins to play a bigger and bigger part in her work, her interpersonal relationships, her life...  

But she's "Kati-D"!  Surely she can keep it all together and still have the crowds in the palm of her hand night after night...or will this finally be a performance too far?

Through drama, song, humour, highs, lows and more - inspired and influenced by a creative community workshop series exploring how chronic conditions effect the lives of those in South Tyneside and surrounding areas - A Pain in the Arts seeks to shine a light on the people behind chronic conditions, and raise awareness of the overwhelming and often unseen or unspoken effects on their lives. 

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